Party past Ninety


This landing page and associated online resources are built for that subset of international Baby Boomers who actively choose to move, sweat and to live large!  With healthy habits established and sustained, my fellow Baby Kaboomers will be partying past ninety years of age.


As a nationally-certified rowing coach, and trained Group Fitness Instructor, Koach Dave will tailor a Group Training project or program for you!


As a Medicare-aged Master CPT, champion rower, and teacher/coach - Koach Dave offers tailored in-person and virtual training in seven areas: 1. Stamina, 2. Strength, 3. Stability, 4. Stretching, 5. Sleep, 6, Sustenance and ...7. Stress NOT. 


Professional Services offered by Koach Dave are:

a. Certified Personal Training, b. Group Fitness classes, c. Rowing lessons, d. Online counsel to build health KaBoomer habits, and company/organization seminars for team building/wellness gains. 

He hopes to link with you soon to help you on your journey to STAMININETY.


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